Dogаđaji: LECO at HTC-15 in Cardiff in January 2018

24-01-2018 • Masena Spektrometrija

HTC-15 in Cardiff

HTC‐15 will be the premier conference in hyphenated separation techniques in 2018.

LECO Separation Science products are world recognised as leading advanced technologies in Comprehensive Chromatography and „Time of Flight“ Mass Spectrometry. As the company that brought fast GCxGC MS to the market place, LECO are proud to sponsor HTC-15.

Visit LECO Exhibition Booth #30 and meet our application experts

Talk to LECO specialists about our technology, instrumentation and software.

Ask for a demo on SAT: Spectral Analysis Tools that streamline identification and relative quantitation of heteroatomics species in either GC or GCxGC data sets.

See our entry level GC-MS, the Pegasus BT: a TOF with fg sensitivity and 35,000 native spectra per second over 10-1,5000 amu (that’s over 50 million amu per second).